Skill Development Centre

Registration started for various training programmes 2021-22

The total literacy and universalisation of primary education has brought in a new generation of men and women with adequate potential to absorb new skills for their survival. But due to the absence of formal Skill Development Programme, lakhs of them are thrown into the trap of unemployment making Kerala a mere consumer state. The development of technology has already overwhelmed our society. But it has not been adequately assimilated by the people at large as effective tools of employment generation and social upliftment. The Skill Development Centre aims at mixing the knowledge and skills for enhancing the productions and services at all levels thereby converting the literate persons into employable person – a natural follow up of literacy movement. It i the pathway from Literacy to Development Education.

Skill Development Centre works for the transformation of the literate society into an equitable one with every person having opportunity capability and avenues to do socially relevant and meaningful work.